About the Ark Shelter for Battered Women and Children

The Ark Shelter forms part of the Crisis Response Centre (CRC) project which was established by the Ark Foundation in August 1999 to respond to cases of abuse against women and children. The Ark Shelter adopted an integrated approach to support survivors of domestic violence abuse through these services:

A Safe Space

The Ark Shelter provides a safe space and environment for women and children who suffer from domestic violence and abuse. The Ark Shelter ensures that victims are well taken care of (i.e fed three times in a day), they are also given the opportunity to speak out and share their experiences for onward assistance.

Psychological Counseling

Another key service provided by the Ark Shelter is professional counseling. This is provided by competent clinical psychologists and medical practitioners.

Medical Support

Victims of abuse are initially taken to the clinic when abuse is reported i.e rape, incest, defilement and physical abuse. A doctor also makes a monthly visit to the Shelter to check on the health of Shelter occupants.

Legal Assistance

Lawyers at our legal center handle the legal aspect of our clients’ cases. They do "watching briefs" in criminal cases on behalf of abused clients and court representation in their civil law matters such as custody, non- maintenance and property issues.

Resettlement Support

The Ark Foundation makes available small capital support and resettlement grants for victims living in the Shelter. Social workers/counselors do follow-ups to ensure that victims are doing well. They are usually asked to choose their preferred place of resettlement and are given small grants to start a trade for which they were trained in.